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About me

Born in the 20th of august in Daroun Harissa, Clauda Began her road to success after winning the gold medal in STUDIO EL FANN, with a certificate of appreciation granted by the greatest and most well renowned Lebanese artists.

Her first album was released in 1993 titled "يلا يا ليل".

Her second album "بتنطرني على غلطة شهور" and "حبيب الروح" , occupied the number one place in Lebanon and the Arab world.

An album titled "لو لو وياقوت", "قوي قلبك" , "آخر خبر" , "مين أصدق" , "بتطلع فيك" , " فرضا حبيت" 

In addition Clauda released a number of singles the last of which were in 2017, we name a few:
ضيعتنا . طيب معليش . غريب يا بيي . بوسة قاتولية . شفية جروح.ضغطي اشط. الحكي المظبوط.طولت المشوار

Some of her songs and video clips:
حبيب الروح  . دق القمر . مين أصدق . بتطلع فيك . جيش الوطن . طول بالك .على هونك . يا ويلي . بيكفي تغيب . يا شب . فرضا حبيت . ودودن .غريب يا بيي . بوسة قاتولية. الحكي المظبوط

Her songs were written, composed and distributed by leading poets, composers and distributors in Lebanon and in the Arab World.

Clauda hosted a lot of concerts and music festivals in Lebanon, Arab countries and western countries, all of which received great success and a huge audience.

She has received many accolades and awards.